Return Policy

The following items are not returnable or refundable for any reason:

Non-refundable deposits including deposits made when your fabric is reserved and ALL WEDDING AND WHITE-TONED ITEMS are not returnable or refundable under any circumstances.

So please be extremely careful in making your decision, in supplying your measurements correctly and ask questions before you buy.

If you buy something already sewn in a specific size in the colored and print section of the web store and you did not buy it during a flash sale with the flash sale discount, and if you did not buy your item via a custom payment link  but bought it by self-checkout, and provided that we feel the item is returned in the condition in which we sent it to you, we may -strictly at Whirling Turban’s discretion and option- refund your payment less a $30 restocking fee, under these conditions:

-Non-refundable payments are non-transferable to another person, non-transferable to a different dress and non-transferable  to another project.

-All credits that have been granted are only redeemable within one year of the date a credit was granted.


Loaners part of a “lending library” of “mock ups” of our patterns made from utilitarian, non-fashion fabric that we lend to you to test the fit of our bodices.


Loaners are not for sale in our online store; you must arrange with a sales person to receive a loaner as part of the process of making a custom dress. Items pictured in our online store are not loaners and do not qualify for the loaner return policy.


For each loaner you receive, you agree to give us a deposit of $170  plus a non-refundable “rental fee” of $30 per loaner item.  The rental fee to helps cover the cost of creating and maintaining the loaner library. You agree to you pay for shipping of the loaner item to and from you back to us, and that shipping costs are non-refundable.  The loaner must be returned with a tracking number that you provide us within 3 days of shipping it in order to qualify to receive a refund of your loaner deposit. You must return the loaner within 2 weeks of the day it is marked by the postal service as having been received. (If you would like more time just contact us ahead of your return date.)


If you decide not to go forward with a dress purchase after receiving a loaner, if the loaner (and anything included in the bag with the loaner such as safety pins and elastic ties) is returned on time and received in the same neat condition as it was sent to you, we will refund your $170 deposit. (The assessment of the returned loaner’s condition must be at the sole discretion of Whirling Turban. Dry-cleaned loaners will NOT be accepted- do not wash or dry clean the loaners. By paying the loaner fee and deposit, you agree that Whirling Turban will be the judge of 1) the loaner condition and 2) of the adherence to the rules about returning of loaners for a refund of the deposit.


If you decide to go ahead with a specified custom dress purchase, your loaner fee will become a non-refundable deposit toward your dress.


Please let us know if you need your item in a rush and we’ll help! (Custom dresses will be shipped as mutually agreed in writing as we discuss your event and needs, and as determined by the specifics of construction time requirements. WE are currently not making custom dresses,)

Once your item has been sewn, the shipping time in transit is usually 5-6 days but can take up to two weeks or more on the extremely rare occasion that it gets delayed in customs, over which we have no control. Unless you contact us before purchasing to arrange different shipping preferences, we use International Expedited Mail Service for items mailed from Bali which will have a tracking number and will be delivered by your postal system- if international- or U.S.P.S. Priority Mail with a tracking number if the item is shipped by us from stock located in the U.S. Most items now on the website are located within the United States.

If you are purchasing a pre-sewn item, it is normally shipped within 3 business days of receipt of your cleared payment.

ONLY ITEMS THAT ARE BEING SHIPPED TO AN ADDRESS IN THE UNITED STATES THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR SELF CHECKOUT ON TE WEBSITE ARE QUALIFIED FOR FLASH SALE PURCHASE. If you have an address that the website’s self-checkout will not accept, such as many military addresses or addresses outside the United States, these items do not qualify for flash sale purchase.

If you fail to pick up or receive your item after notification by the air courier service/postal agent or fail to contact them so that the item is shipped back to us, you must again pay the actual shipping cost to re-ship your item to you. This is why it is important that you provide us with a phone number to aid in the delivery of  your package or for questions by customs as well as a and shipping address where you are CERTAIN someone will always be present during business hours to receive the package.

Please contact us about the cost of FedEx if you are in a rush or want to reduce the risk of a delay.

This policy is subject to change without notice so please check back for updates.

By placing an order or making a payment, you attest that you agree with anything written in the item description of a custom payment link that you purchase as well as all of the terms and conditions on this page, that you are reading now.

Thanks for your patience and for your confidence in us which we intend to earn!  Sorry about the legalese. We have an excellent reputation, considerate customer service and we want you to be happy. However, legally we must tell you that no conversation or email you have with any agent of Whirling Turban supersedes this policy you are reading right now.

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