Your Color Choice Silk Taffeta Peggy Would Bodice with Full, Tea Length Skirt


“Gravity defying sleeves” teeter dangerously on the outermost edges of your shoulders, giving you a wide V line at the top of the gown that creates the illusion of a smaller waist. This was the neckline favored by Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner when they were at the peak of their beauty.

Bodice of this tea length wedding dress is ingeniously-engineered for unstoppable cling.  V-neck both front and back. (Our engineering gets the sleeve tops far out on the shoulders and keeps them there!)

We use the finest silk taffetta in 30 color options.

Optional hand-made covered buttons with functional loops in the back.

This full skirt is just right for crinolines and pouf, without the volume becoming overwhelming or unflattering.


    • Whirling Turban dresses are noted for their beautiful and extremely flattering fit.



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