Silver-Kissed, "V 8" Petal Bust Tea Length Wedding Dress


Your choice of color accent!

Rich, hand-woven silver-kissed 100% cotton fabric in a muted white. We have this fabric especially custom-woven for us locally, preserving traditional weaving culture. You will not find this luxurious couture fabric anywhere else!

The lines of this stunning one of a kind tea length wedding dress are ingeniously flattering, and the pointed “petals” at the bust dramatic and whimsical.  Signature Whirling Turban clinging, boned bodice.

The silver-kissed white effect in the fabric is subtle and not high-shine. In fact, in some lighting the fabric shows no shine at all.

Included with the dress is a matching button-in halter strap in the same fabric as the dress and one other in the contrast color. Options: matching belt with mother of pearl buckle or contrasting color belt (or no belt). Also button-in sweetheart halter strap plus strap in contrast color.


  • Whirling Turban dresses are noted for their flattering fit and fine artisinal craftsmanship.

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