Polka-Dot Lace, Wrapped and Draped Bombshell Bridal Dress


White lace that we’ve custom-printed with black polka dots. Fully-lined with soft, pearl gray toned lining to bring out the lace pattern. This dress is SOooo GORGEOUS in person.

The sleeves teeter dangerously on the outermost edges of your shoulders in a style made popular by Elizabeth Taylor during her reign as a leading beauty of the 50’s. This styles provides you with an alluring, flattering, wide V line at the top that makes your waist look smaller and shows your beautiful shoulders.

This bodice is engineered for cling and has rich draping diagonally downwards across front leading to the focal point at the waist. The sarong skirt draping goes upwards creating a sideways “V” making it one of the most figure-flattering dress designs of all time!


    • Whirling Turban dresses are noted for their flattering fit and exquisite craftsmanship.



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