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This Style In this color will never be made Again.
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Hand made Saucer Bangle of the highest quality artisanal resin.  Weight and “clunk” sound are similar to  vintage Bakelite so they play well with genuine vintage bangle bracelets.

Very limited edition. Made one by one and hand-polished; not “sprayed” for shine like most “fakelites”.

  •  This MAYAN BLACK CARVED bangle in black has patterns carved perfectly around it
  • PLEASE NOTE: SOME MAYAN BANGLES HAVE LESS POLISH IN THE GROOVES/LINES, so the lines may appear lighter and more pronounced. We like them just as much! But if you think you wont like this,
    just ask us to select some for you without any “lighter carved lines”.  They are individually hand made so they are not all absolutely identical. (SEE PHOTO)
  •  It is 1.5 cm in thickness (the side parallel with your arm)
  •  Limited-edition, unique piece
  •  Made from the highest quality artisanal phenolic resin
  •  Individually hand-polished, not sprayed for shine like most fakelites
  •  Quality heft and a musical, Bakelite-like clack
  • Collectors agree; we have NAILED the characteristics of real vintage Bakelite
  •  Durability similar to Bakelite; strong but not unbreakable




All Whirling Turban bangle styles come in 3 inside-diameter sizes. Due to their handmade nature, please allow up to 2/16th of an inch variation in diameter.

Small – 2.25 inches
Medium – 2.5 inches
Large – 2.75 inches


  •  Being workshop-made, this bangle can feature tiny irregularities
  •  You are free to exchange or return any bangle you don’t love within two weeks of having received it for a full refund provided the handmade box and bangle are received in new condition when returned




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