Marbled Art Deco Style Red Saucer Bangle


Hand made Saucer bangle of the highest quality artisanal phenolic resin.  Weight and clack are just like vintage Bakelite so they play well with genuine vintage bangle bracelets.

Made one by one and hand-polished, not “sprayed” for shine like most “fakelites”.  Very limited edition.

“As a Vintage Bakelite Nut, I felt afraid to start collecting.  I was afraid I would buy a fake. I didn’t feel well enough educated to understand and evaluate the prices.  I wanted enough to play with and create stacks but couldn’t justify hundreds of dollars per bracelet to  get in the stack game.  I loathed the cheap copies that looked like children’s jewelry to me.

When I discovered this particular resin material, I was in love with it for almost 20 years until I finally indulged myself in having my first few designs made by a life-long resin craftsman in a small family business.

I also found standard bangle bracelets too big so they just were not comfortable.  I knew I wanted to make sizes available so everyone could have the size that was comfy to them, so I made all my bangles in Small (maiden) 2 1/4″  in diameter, Medium (classic/standard) 2 1/2″ in diameter and Large 2 3/4” in diameter. Mine are small batches so I only make one maiden and one large per batch. Since they are handmade, please allow up to 2/16th of an inch variation in diameter.

The feel of this vegan resin is delicious to touch and reminds me of real elephant ivory.  These bangles have a substantial heft and a musical, bakelite-like clack.

Each bracelet is unique and can have the tiny irregularities that result from workshop-made versus mass-produced factory manufacture. If you find a trait in the bracelet you receive that doesn’t suit you, I encourage you to exchange because each is different , particularly the marbled ones! You might find storm clouds, wisps, galaxies, or splatter paint motifs.  To keep the price affordable we have not photographed each individual bracelet but just an example of the style. You are free to return any bracelet you don’t love within two weeks of having received it for a full refund providing the handmade box and bracelet are in new condition.

This saucer bangle is 3cm in thickness.




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