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Hawaiian Print Suzie Wong Dress, 1940's Style - Small/Med.


Super duper darling!

Rich, 100% rayon fabric, printed locally in Bali.  Designed and screen-printed exclusively for Whirling Turban; based on a late 1940’s Hawaiian print. Gives you a luxurious, vintage-true look.

This dress is based on a 1940’s interpretation of the cheongsam style. The looseness of the upper torso is indicative of the late 40’s silhouette and the enthusiasm for chinoiserie.  Since the upper torso and waist of this dress do not grip the body, you should buy this style based on your hip size, having measured your hips/derriere/thighs with a dressmaker’s tape to determine the widest point “down there”. If the hips fit, the waist and bust will fit you as long as you don’t have an unusual figure.

Our customers are frequently asked how they managed to find a vintage dress in such perfect condition. We use detailed, couture sewing techniques and fabrics- even weaving and printing techniques- true to the mid-century period.

Cobalt Blue and Vanilla, with hand-made, contrasting lemony-vanilla Chinese knot buttons and loops.

This dress fit is based on hip size, because the bust and waist are loose. “Hips” at widest point below waist, regardless if that is the derriere, thighs– whatever (“down there”) to 37.5″

Small to large bust okay but extra, extra large bust will not work. Your full bust measurement should be less than your hips at the widest point.
Bust: loose
Waist: loose
Hips: your hips should be about 37.5″  or a little less.
Length: mid-calf

PLEASE BE CERTAIN that you follow the stated body measurements closely. Need some help ascertaining your measurements or determining if this will fit you? Please call us- we’d be happy to assist you personally!

At the time we posted this dress on the website we had one of this dress style in each of 4 sizes. If this one doesn’t fit you, please have a look at the others- thanks!



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