Flattering Bombshell Dress in Deep Purple!


Flattering WIDE V-neck with sleeves that miraculously cling to the outer edges of your shoulders via a feat of dressmaking engineering! WILDLY flattering on all figures. A favorite neckline of Ava Gardner and Liz Taylor.

100% cotton fabric, developed by and made locally exclusively for Whirling Turban. Gives you a luxurious, vintage-true look. Often mistaken for silk; our customers LOVE it and buy this dress in several colors.

The black fibers in the lengthwise direction of the weave are mixed with fibers in two shades of purple in the other direction for a slimming, iridescent sharkskin effect. Very deep, rich purple.

Our customers are frequently asked how they managed to find a vintage dress in such perfect condition. We use detailed, couture sewing techniques and fabrics- even weaving and printing techniques- true to the mid-century period.

This sample dress at this special price is available in just this size:

Bust: 35″
Waist: 27″
Hips: 37″
Skirt Length: 30″

PLEASE BE CERTAIN that you follow the stated size parameters closely. You can fudge a bit on the bust measurement with this style but not on the waist or hips.

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