Bombshell Dress with 3/4 Sleeves and Sarong Skirt


Flattering WIDE V-neck with sleeves that miraculously cling to the outer edges of your shoulders via a feat of engineering! Universally flattering on all figures.  The “gravity defying sleeves” teeter dangerously on the outermost edges of your shoulders in the style made so popular by Elizabeth Taylor.

This dress was inspired by a style made in the Alfred Shaheen factory and designed by his friend, Peggy Wood. The bodice is engineered for unstoppable cling and has slinky draping diagonally downwards across front leading to a focal point at the waist.

Locally woven 100%  cotton; made exclusively for Whirling Turban to capture a quality vintage look. Looks like silk; our customers LOVE it.

The black fibers in the lengthwise direction of the weave are mixed with colored fibers in the other direction for a surprisingly slimming, iridescent sharkskin effect.


Whirling Turban dresses are noted for their flattering fit. Each dress is custom made to fit one unique figure.



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