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Blue-Green, for Vintage Purists; Plus Size


Often referred to as the “Bombshell Dress”, flattering WIDE V-neck that teeters dangerously on the outermost corner of your shoulders!  Adorable, three quarter length sleeves.  Draping and lines that are so universally complimentary that this may be the most flattering vintage dress style of all time. Perfect for a very special party, glamorous mother of the bride or a city hall wedding.

Luxurious, Whirling Turban quality,  made by hand in a dressmaking shop, not a factory.  Find unsolicited customer reviews about our workmanship on Youtube!

Locally hand-woven 100% cotton fabric made just for Whirling Turban, from black fibers in one direction of the weave mixed with a *stunning*  shade of blue-green cotton fibers in the other direction for a slimming, iridescent “sharkskin” effect.  The fabric looks absolutely vintage, looks like silk and our customers LOVE it.

There is no more figure-flattering shape than this 3/4 circle skirt. Lovely with or without a crinoline petticoat (not included).

This sample dress comes in this size only:
Cup Size: The bodice draping on this style is adaptable and fits most cup sizes except for exceptionally large breasts. Please inquire if unsure.
Bust : 43″  (you can fudge here *a little*, especially if you are smaller than 43″)
Waist : 35″ (you should not fudge here more than  3/4″ or -1″)
Skirt length : 29″
Proportioned for a woman of average height



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