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  •  This 2-ring bangle features a cherry outer ring and a black inner ring
  •  The inner ring isn’t visible from the side, making for a nice visual surprise when your arm moves
  •  Limited-edition, unique piece
  •  Design crafted from a hand-carved wax mold (exclusive Whirling Turban)
  •  Made from the highest quality artisanal phenolic resin
  •  Individually hand-polished, not sprayed for shine like most fakelites
  •  Quality heft and a musical, Bakelite-like clack
  •  Delicious feel of vegan resin, reminiscent of real elephant ivory
  •  Durability similar to Bakelite; strong but not unbreakable


All Whirling Turban bangle styles come in 3 inside-diameter sizes. Due to their handmade nature, please allow up to 2/16th of an inch variation in diameter.

Small – 2.25 inches
Medium – 2.5 inches
Large – 2.75 inches


  •  Being workshop-made, this bangle can feature tiny irregularities
  •  You are free to exchange or return any bangle you don’t love within two weeks of having received it for a full refund provided the handmade box and bangle are received in new condition when returned


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