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Sizing, Returns, FAQ

  • Returns and exchanges are allowed for two weeks after your receipt of the bangle. We want you to be delighted!
  • Many of our bangles are one of a kind. They can be different colors, different styles and different sizes
  • Sometimes the size difference is very slight, so check for the size YOU prefer in each listing.)
  • MEASURE your hand according to the size chart below. —>Don’t forget to add 1/2″. <— Wide bangle styles may require you to add a but more than 1/2″. The below Small, Medium, and Large sizes are considered standard and are here for your reference. But our range includes other sizes, so if you need 2 5/8 or 2 3/8, keep looking- we probably have them. Try using the search box for your size to help you sort and shop.
  • One of a kind; so buy the one you love while it is available.
  • You may buy as many as you like for one flat shipping price.
  • Made from the highest quality artisanal phenolic resin; not Bakelite (while Bakelite is also a phenolic resin).
  • Individually hand made and hand-polished.
  • Being hand-made, this bangle can feature tiny irregularities
  • Quality heft and a musical, Bakelite-like clack
  • Our largest customer base is comprised of vintage Bakelite collectors. Whirling Turban Saucer Bangles play well with real Bakelite!
  • Durability similar to Bakelite; strong but NOT unbreakable!