Flattering Tea Length Dress Styles for a Curvy Girl

Lots of vintage dresses can inspire a tea length wedding dress.  But here is the challenge: a style detail you might find very interesting may not be the one that most flatters the curvy gal.

Know the rules first, then decide if you want to break them.  But don’t break them unknowingly, and settle on a tea length wedding dress with a style you may like but that may not make YOU look your best.  A dress that may fit well but- perhaps- you could look even better without losing a pound!  It’s all about proportions and the flow of the eye.

First let’s be clear: nobody needs to be a certain, cookie cutter size and everyone can look beautiful!  But there are details and lines that make the eye travel in a pleasing manner which can be used to advantage, and the reverse is certainly true (yipes!)

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