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Waterfall Dress

Waterfall Dress StyleWaterfall Dress Style

This sarong skirt variation was inspired by a Lauhalla style from the 1950's, a Hawaiian label prized by vintage collectors. The skirt ruffle has a reverse side that shows which is very nice when done in a contrast color.

Waterfall Dress Style     Waterfall Dress Style

The length on this skirt cannot be changed, due to the line of the carefully draped and placed ruffles that flow into the hemline. Finished length is 28" from back waist to finished hem.

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Waterfall Dress Style


Waterfall Dress Style

Petal Bust Bodice with Waterfall Skirt


The Waterfall Ruffle Skirt has a cascading ruffle down the side that sways alluringly when you walk!


Waterfall Dress Style    Waterfall Dress Style

"Cleopatra Halter" bodice with Waterfall Skirt



Waterfall Dress StyleWaterfall Dress Style


There are a number of bodice variations we can use that go with this skirt style, several of which are pictured here. When we discuss making the dress for you we will ask you about your preferences and give any input you might request.

Waterfall Dress Style


Waterfall Dress Style          Waterfall Dress Style

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