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Stock Size Items

For accuracy, we sell our garments by your exact body measurements, not by commercial sizes.

This is our stock sizing formula for our close-fitting, fully-boned bodice styles such as Shaheen Dream, Chinese Bombshell, etc:


Waist 24- Bust 32- Hips 34
Waist 25.5- Bust 33.5- Hips 35.5
Waist 27- Bust 35- Hips 37
Waist 28.5- Bust 36.5- Hips 38.5
Waist 30- Bust 38- Hips 40
Waist 31.5- Bust 39.5- Hips 41.5
Waist 33- Bust 41- Hips 43



For Wing Bust dresses, these are our sizes:

Daffodil Size:
Full Bust : 33"-34"
Waist : 25"-26"
Cup : A or
Small B
Older Child/Very Young Teen - Not much curve in cup, modest cut above bust
Bluebell Size:
Full Bust : 32"-34"
Waist : 24"-26"
Cup : A or Small B
Hollyhock Size:
Full Bust : 33"-35"
Waist : 25"-27"
Cup : B/C
Rose Size:
Full Bust : 35"-36"
Waist : 27"-29"
Cup : B/C
Daisy Size:
Full Bust : 37"-39"
Waist : 29"-31"
Cup : B/C
Gladiola Size:
Full Bust : 39"-41"
Waist : 31"-33"
Cup : B/C
Camellia Size:
Full Bust : 38"-40"
Waist : 30"-32"
Cup : D or DD
Dahlia Size:
Full Bust : 41"-44"
Waist : 33"-36"
Cup : C, D or DD
Pansy Size:
Full Bust : 44"-45"
Waist : 37"-38"
Cup : D
These cups are definitely deeper than the next size down.
Lily Size:
Full Bust : 45"-46"
Waist : 39"-40"
Cup : D, DD
Violet Size:
Full Bust : 47"-48"
Waist : 41"-42"
Cup : D, DD

Our Current Size Range For Custom Fit Dresses: (Some of these may require completely unique, custom patterns.)
We make most of our items by your body measurements, not by size. But as a quick reference, we can make items for nearly any height and most bra cup sizes, depending on time constrants.

If you wear an A cup, you will need to order our small B cup and use small push up pads. A small B is our minimum cup size. We can make most large cup sizes.
Minimum 31” full bust
Minimum 24” waist
Minimum 34” hips
Minimum 6” difference between bust and waist
Minimum 7” difference between waist and hips
Maximum 16” difference between waist and hips
No single measurement can ce greater than 45"
Midriff measurement cannot be larger than underbust measurement.
Waist cannot be larger than underbust measurement.
As long as you have a classic hourglass shape with a defined midriff, we can usually fit you up to hip measurements to 45 inches.

Unique Custom Patterns:
We create both made to measure items from unique, custom patterns that are made  to fit one person’s body only and we make items from standard sizes (that can be altered).  For the latter, we start with a wide variety of basic patterns and alter these patterns to fit the individual when necessary. The majority of our customers fall into this category.

We have a customers for whom we must make a unique, custom pattern because we cannot work from one of our standard patterns to fit them. If this is the case, we have a one time charge to make the custom pattern. (So when you order dresses from us after the first one, we already have your pattern on hand! Completely custom-fit dresses for gals with unique figures starting at $200! Warning: you can get hooked!)

Unique, custom patterns require hand-building a dress form that duplicates that customers curves and then using toiles- test patterns made on that dress form, to test the pattern and check the fit. This process is adds considerable expense to the price of the first dress you buy from us.

We sometimes need to make unique, custom patterns if:
-The hips are more than 12” larger than the waist. (By the way, gals with wider hips look terrific in our sarong skirts! They are very flattering and slimming!)
-The hips are less than 8” larger than the waist. (In this case, we often can't do it, even with a custom pattern.)
-The underbust measurement and the waist measurement are the same.
-Not always, but sometimes when there is a D cup or larger, or the customer has “surgically enhanced” breasts.
-The client is over 45, since there are body changes even on gals with great figures and patterns may need considerable customizing to achieve a fit that satisfies the customer.
-Other reasons : )

We must review each order and will let you know if we feel a unique, custom pattern is necessary. We often can only do this with certainly after you have provided us with correct body pics, correct measurements taken according to our system (we’ll provide you with that), and knowledge about the style and fabric you have in mind.


WEDDING DRESS SIZES that we will make must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

For example, if you want a sarong dress in green cotton ikat and your waist is not proportionally small, as long as your measurements fall within our sizing parameters, there is no problem making it for you and it will probably look great! However, if you want a white satin wedding gown in the same size and style, it is much harder to wear shiny white fabric in a waist-focused style if your waist is large in proportion to your hips and bust. (regardless of how big or how small you are.) We will evaluate the advisability of each dress style, size and fabric combination on a case by case basis and will not make "just any" wedding dress for "just any" customer simply because we are capable of sewing it. We feel that would be mercenary and unethical.

Regardless of your figure type, we won't make something we don't feel is going to make *you* look your best on your wedding day. Each figure has styles, colors and fabrications that best flatter it and we'll encourage you to get what is best for you.

Available Both As Fixed Size or Custom Fit Items: (in certain sizes- see above)

*Sarong Dresses in Shaheen Dream, Hawaiian Heaven, Chinese Bombshell, Classic 50's Sheath Bodice, Petal Bust Bodice, Plain Bodice, Diamond Peek-a-Boo

*Full Skirt Dresses in Shaheen Dream, Hawaiian Heaven, Chinese Bombshell, Petal Bust Bodice, Plain Bodice,Peek-a-Boo, Classic 50's Sheath Bodice


*Sarong Skirts

Sized Items (In pre-sized and semi-sized only)

*Knotted Midriff Pinup Blouses

*Pinup Pants and Shorts

* Playsuits

*Wing Bust Dress

*Peggy Would Dress


*Capri Pants

*Bra Tops

"Semi-sized" means we will start from an existing pattern and then will alter it to fit if possible.