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Sizes- Boned Bodice Playsuits



Please choose by your waist size and check that the corresponding bust & hips sizes will fit you.

Ordering a playsuit or a jumpsuit from a non-stretch fabric requires knowledge of your body; much more so than a dress that can rise up or drop down on your body to adapt to different torso lengths. Our garments are very fitted without room for error and our stock size jumpsuits and places are made for someone with an average “rise”in their crotch lengt, average torso length and average “girth” for their size. This is one reason you don’t see tailored fitted playsuit and jumpsuits in abundance on the market; not everyone is going to fit into them. (“Girth” and “rise” are two terms you we can explain to you if you’d like to call us.)

The smaller you are the more likely you are to have average weight this distribution on your frame.

Ordering one of our playsuits or jumpsuits also requires that you know how to take your measurements precisely. We really recommend you let us assist you.  We’re just a phone call or an e-mail away and we’re just simply friendly gals who enjoy these close but would never high-pressure you.


Waist 25.5”, Bust 33.5, Hips 36.5” or less

Waist 27”, Bust 35, Hips 38” or less

Waist 28.5”, Bust 36.5, Hips 39.5” or less

Waist 30”, Bust 38, Hips 41” or less

Waist 31.5”, Bust 39.5, Hips 42.5” or less

Cup size is B/C.

Bust can be one inch larger or smaller than stated size due to stretch.

Waist can be 1/2″ to 3/4″ larger or smaller than stated size.

Cut for an average height woman with an average length torso!

Please contact us if you have different measurements, need alterations, want a different cup size or have other questions.

We can sometimes makes larger sizes or customize.