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Magenta Sunset Hawaiian Pinup Set

100% Rayon- SOLD OUT, gorgeous red and magenta vintage Hawaiian motif. We love the black silhouetted Hawaiian landscape!

Blouse is knotted at waist and designed to eliminate all bulk at the waist. Soft gathering over the bust, small shoulder pads and covered buttons. Long, high-waisted 40′s style pinup pants.

WHIRLINGTURBAN’S FIT MORE PRECISELY THAN DO OFF THE RACK ITEMS; that’s one of the secrets of our “movie star fit”.

Please be certain of your waist size- that’s the narrowest part of your body, well above your belly button and just below your ribs and insure that the sizes stated here match your body measurements!

We do cut the pants long so that they will not be too short for anybody or can be worn with 40′s platform shoes. They’re easy to shorten.

FULL BUST: 36-39″ (around the fullest part of your bust and over your shoulder blades; not your bra size)
HIPS: to 40″

ANY QUESTIONS: Call our sales rep extraordinaire and world famous in her own right, Ashley, in the U.S. at (208) 820 1214 or click here to reach us in Bali.

Boutique code #: 07095


07095$169.00 USD

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