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Pinup Pants Mid Century


Pinup Pants Mid Century

Short Sleeve Waist Knot Top


The length on this skirt cannot be changed, due to the line of the carefully draped and placed ruffles that flow into the hemline. Finished length is 28" from back waist to finished hem.

We have several patterns here for these items, and can personalize the fit. for you.

The blouse can be made to show a lot of midriff, as you see on our gorgeous model, or to meet or nearly meet the pants at the waist, for those of us less brave.

The cut of the blouse can be adjusted for a fuller bust; you don't have to buy the blouse “bigger all over”.

Note the sewn tucks under the bust. We did this to avoid the boxy look that one gets from just knotting a regular shirt at the waist. Our design tapers right back in, sleekly, at and above the waist.

Our pants are designed to give you just the right amount of extra fabric in the hips for the perfect 40’s cut; just lose enough to not look modern, but not a full “pajama” or unflatteringly oversized.

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Bra Top

The bra top has our signature engineering;
* double boning in cup fronts
* interlined with strong cotton
* bands of elastic used for the ruched effect in the side    back panels.
* different cup sizes available!

The length of the bra top is longish, giving it the authentic 40’s styling.

Our shorts are much like the pants in terms of fit but have just the hint of a flare below the hips.

Flattering and 40’s true.

Combine with our wrap style halter top or a button-up-the- front coordinating circle skirt!

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Pinup Pants Mid Century

Button-Up-Front Circle Skirt


Pinup Pants Mid Century

Long Sleeve Waist Knot Blouse



Classics For Pinups at Play!



Pinup Pants Mid Century            Pinup Pants Mid Century



Pinup Pants Mid Century   Pinup Pants Mid Century



Pinup Pants Mid Century   Pinup Pants Mid Century



Pinup Pants Mid Century

Bra Top & 40’s Shorts

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By the way, we use a very wide variety of fabrics here. That's part of the fun of our design studio and all the different looks we create for our customers.

Our various fabrics have "different personalities"; some may be suitable for certain styles and not for others. Not every fabric we have here can necessarily be used for every style. Certain styles do require fabrics that are a little heavier or a little more "flowy" like rayon, or a little more crisp like cotton.

Rather than compromise our design freedom and preserve our sanity by making life easier on ourselves and standardizing our fabrics, we will need to make individual recommendations from time to time in response to your orders and requests.

Thanks for understanding that we only make alternate suggestions to you because of our knowledge of the styles and the fabrics, and because. we want you to be delighted with the end result.

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