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Katherine's Vintage Foundation Secrets!


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1. A Brief Vintage Foundation History Lesson
2. Whirlingturban Dresses And Your Foundations
3. Bras < < < Just skip ahead if you don't want to do a lot of reading!
4. Waist Nippers And Waist Corsets < < < Just skip ahead if you don't want to do a lot of reading!
5. Crinolines < <<< Just skip ahead if you don't want to do a lot of reading!


A Brief Vintage Foundation History Lesson

(Skip this and go right to bras, waist nippers or crinolines if you don't want to do much reading.)

I learned, early on in my movie-costuming career, that there were subtle details that gave a special magic, art and authenticity to certain styles and looks; details which were not at all obvious and could be easily overlooked. Nowadays, I watch historical movies with a trained eye and I delight in the ones that make me feel like I am whisked right back in time while I "tut-tut" disapprovingly when the movie's costume designer has been too naive to attend to these critical, subtle details. Most people will not be able to put their finger on exactly why they are "being transported to another place and time" and why, at other times, they feel they are merely watching actors pretending. Whether we know why the magic is there or not isn't important unless we are responsible for creating the magic!

On your wedding day, you and your collaborators are creating the magic. So let's talk about some subtle details that might not be immediately obvious about the look you will be creating as the star of your wedding in your vintage wedding dress!!! This also applies for non-wedding BOMBSHELL dresses if you want to be as vintage-authentic as possible.

Whirlingturban dresses specialize in referencing a period of fashion history, originally popular from the late Forties to the early Sixties, called the New Look. Fashion repeats itself. This look, at the time, referenced a much earlier period of fashion history, and fashion has regularly referenced different New Look period details ever since. There is no need to get too caught up in the history if you are not a vintage buff. There is something classically appealing about these styles and you'll find plenty of references to them right now in the very latest European Haute Couture. (And who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn?)

To capture not only the obvious elements of this look but to capture THE SOUL of it, it's important to know that the lingerie worn under the dresses of this period was absolutely and completely different from what we wear today! By wearing overly-contemporary lingerie or by lacking the extra authentic piece under a vintage style may cause you to forfeit a percentage of magic or just not look as pretty as you could in your dress.

We are so accustomed to the undies we wear every day that we forget how much a part of fashion, self-expression and culture our undies are.


A Little "Undie" History and Trivia (skip and move on to bras, waist nippers and crinolines if you aren't especially interested)

Up until around the 1980's, lingerie departments were still called "Foundations". This is because, for much of the 20th century, what you worn under your clothes was the "foundation" upon which you built the rest of your look, every bit as crucial as the foundation of a house and often as firmly constructed! Imagine a house with no foundation! Schloompy!

Until the 1920's, Western women wore corsets. Corset shapes changed almost as regularly and differed as widely as dress fashions did from decade to decade. So if you look to buy a "corset" today, bear in mind that there are an infinite variety of corset shapes and styles although the vendor where you shop may specialize in a certain style.

An actress in a period movie will not look the part if she is not SHAPED the part. She will also not carry herself and move as women of the day did- corsets affect all of those things! There are also actresses who don't feel as though they are the character until they don the corset on because it does so much and can be magically transforming. (Relax, though- we will not tell you to get a full corset!)

In the Twenties, flappers went to soft, unconstructed silk underwear. Flat chests with straight up-and-down, cylindrical figures in loose-ish, tubular dresses were the rage. It was considered extremely shocking that one could discern natural female body parts silhouetted and moving under the outer garments! Really shocking and daring, and surely as much case for dismay among parents as are today's tattoos and body modifications! To think that the natural body wouldn't be discreetly disguised under a kind of armour!!!

By the Forties, the undies were still relatively soft although not merely the silk flimsiness of the flappers. In the Forties, the outer garments gave lots of feminine shape to the body- the cut of the clothes, the tailoring, the draping, the shoulder pads- it was all emphasizing curves again.

The in the Fifties, we departed drastically from the past and onto the look of architecturally- accentuated curves. No more soft, rounded edges, we were going for angles!

This look was accomplished in one of two ways:

If you happened to be born with gravity-defying, exaggerated curves like Marilyn, and you were so daring as to not mind being be thought a shocking sinner, you could wear not a stitch under your dress and, in fact, be sewn into it so as to reveal your every curve, as Marilyn was on many occasions, God bless her! Imagine after centuries of everything from body armour to a soft underwear under non-tight clothing what a JOLT it must have been to see Marilyn's buoyant and highly-contrasting dimensions in a clinging, form-duplicating silk dress without even a zipper to distract! Very few women were as brave- or as anatomically blessed- as Marilyn, back in the day.

Everybody else BUILT those figures, using technology reminiscent of the WWII aircraft factories and cars of the day! Bullet bras pointed breasts skyward while engineered girdles cinched waists ingeniously and tapered hips aerodynamically:

50's Vintage Wedding Dresses

50's Vintage Wedding Dresses


In fact, folks got so accustomed to seeing a girdled bum that an ungirdled bum in a sheath dress came to be considered tarty and scandalous.

The New Look, in haute couture's pure form, involved what today seems to be an impossibly tiny waist! Google, "Dior New Look" and see some examples. Or have a look at this typical 50's fashion illustration:

50's Vintage Wedding Dresses

Note that in the illustration above, the waist is visually SMALLER around in circumference than her HEAD is! MY HEAD is 22 inches around!

THUS, we ask, can we mere mortals wear this look? (Audrey can hardly be considered a mere mortal although her waist does, mercifully, appear to be a smidgeon bigger than her forehead.)

50's Vintage Wedding Dresses

Yes we can. There are tips you can use to create your own special magic! For even though Audrey was a typical, emaciated star, her waist nipper practically screams at the sleuthing eye in the above photo. To achieve this look, the undergarments were worn not only to "pull in" but also for a firm "sculpted look". If she can dance in it with Fred Astaire, you can be married in a waist nipper if that's what it takes to draw gasps of awe and create those heirloom photos!


Whirlingturban Dresses And Your Foundations

- If you are very slim. a B/C cup and just want want to be comfortable, Whirlingturban dresses with all their built-in structure should be sufficient for you already unless you are going to for a "radical waist nip" by today's standards. (By the way- I'm 98 pounds and even I own a lace up waist cincher- because they look so great under clothes!

-If you are modern bombshell in the tradition of the Marilyn's and Jayne's and if you are not ordering for a wedding dress, your Whirlingturban dress may surprise you and be the only thing you own that you feel you can wear braless!

-If you are modern, voluptuous bombshell and you are ordering a Whirlingturban wedding dress or want to go as authentic as possible, welcome to the world of vintage foundations, and please do not neglect the first layer - the FOUNDATION- of your look!





If you are very small-busted, you will probably like the extra oomph that can be achieved with the right shaped/padded bra and small little underbust pads called "cookies". The object, with the New Look, is to get as much contrast between the bust, waist and hips as possible. You want to go "out" at the hips and bust and "in" at the waist.

We cannot get the right shape into our bodices by cutting them in an A cup; we must cut them into a small B cup at minimum. But every one of our A cup customers has been delighted with the results. You do not have to wear "falsies". We only ask for a minimal bit of maximizing of "the real you".

"Cookies" are small push up pads that are sometimes put into a removable pocket in the lower part of a bra or else can be purchased by themselves in a well-stocked bra or foundations department. They are not “falsies”. They are about the size of a small cookie and all they do is to push some of the flesh curve on the under side of your breast to the upper side of your breast, so that the breast clings attractively to the upper part of the bodice.

Push-up pads do the same thing but just tend to be a bit larger. They have different shapes, some also pushing both the outer lower breast AND the middle lower breast up. In the "top of the line" realm, there are the mega-realistic and favored-by-starlets "silicon gel bra inserts", known affectionately as "chicken cutlets" since they resemble in shape and texture an uncooked chicken cutlet. They are the Rolls Royce of push up pads, and reside in the tool kit of all movie stars and Hollywood wardrobe people. If you are not large-busted and you like to dress up, these are worth the investment.

If you are small busted you are going to have the same problem everybody is having now as more and more bras are designed with a molded shape that has no natural "tip" to the bust. Especially for smaller busted gals, they want to put us all into these push-up bras that are only good for the cleavage but not good for the overall shape under a fitted dress. So please read all we have written below here about bras and the types of shapes that work best.

For everybody, the small, medium and large-busted:

Whirlingturban assures you (with considerable authority) that effort put into choosing your foundations is what makes the Hollywood glamour queens what they are (or appear to be.) It’s that little bit of extra effort and expertise more than it is “extra generosity doled out to certain dolls by That Big Production Line In The Sky”!

We suggest that you wear a bra with your Whirlingturban dress *when you order a Whirlingturban dress as a wedding dress*

We also suggest a bra for any dress we make for gals with more than a D cup. Many Whirlingturban bodice styles are very structured. When purchased to be worn for less formal occasions, they are often worn without bras, while for the larger cup sizes we reduce the amount of boning so that the bodice will mold better to the foundation underneath.

What kind of bra?

You need to use the same bra for your body pics that you will be wearing with your dress. If you do not have your wedding bra at the time you send us your body pics, please endeavor to use one that has a cup shape similar to what we are describing below. It does not have to be strapless.

We may need you to resend your body pics later wearing your actual wedding lingerie and at the same time double check your measurements.

For your wedding bra - or a bra specifically to support you under a Whirlingturban dress, you want a strapless bra that feels secure and about which you do not have to worry about slippage so that it feels as though it is going to stay in place and you can forget about it. Ideally, you do not want a bra with a very low back since our dresses are not cut exceptionally low in the back and a very low-back strapless bra tends to be less secure.

IMPORTANT: A long line bra is not helpful in reducing the waist or midriff. However, a long line bra (a bra that extends down to your waist or below) can feel more secure and less prone to slippage than a shorter-length strapless bra PARTICULARLY IF YOU ARE BUSTY. Just be sure it's snug and flat against you; not adding any bulk or bumpiness that will show through your dress. (Waist slimming is in the next section.)

Another option for security is a double-sided tape such as "Top-Stick". I got some recently at Sally's Beauty Supply. No movie set costumer would ever be caught without it! It's a strong double- sided tape originally designed to keep toupees in place (!) and it can be used to secure anything on an important day including your bra, the upper edge of your bodice if it suddenly seems to want to slip down, your strap- you name it!

It is imperative that you get a classic-shape cup. By "classic" in this context we mean one that has a natural breast shape. The natural shape of a woman's bust is a bit cone-shaped; it isn't shaped like a half grapefruit. We do not mean an exaggerated "bullet bra" like the one in the illustration above with shaped points on it. But the bra needs a natural conical shape to it just like a real breast does.

Bra shapes change with the decades just as clothing styles do, so be aware of the cup shape. The unfortunate trend in the last decade has been toward a FLAT-TIPPED BRA! This is what the triple D girls and "church ladies" used to wear to make their busts look smaller! THESES ARE TECHNICALLY "MINIMIZERS!!

Now the bra manufacturers are doing this to everybody since the consumer seems to be wanting a "T-shirt bra" that doesn't show a breast-like tip shape under a T-shirt. DON'T FLATTEN THE TIP OF YOUR BUST, especially if you are trying to make your waist look smaller or wear a vintage style dress!

You can use push up pads in your bra, but do NOT use a "push-up bra" or Wonderbra that pushes all the volume of your breasts toward the center of your chest or makes the upper part of your bust that is not covered by the bodice into a "top of a cupcake" shape. This type of shape will fight with the classic retro shape and cut of our bodices and will look all wrong. AGAIN- a wonderbra gives you cleavage but it steals that volume from center and tip of your bust- this will never work for vintage-shaped dress and it will not make your waist look small although it will create a deeper crease in your cleavage. Whirlingturban's and vintage dresses are incompatible with Wonderbra contraptions that push everything to the center and up, borrowing volume from the natural, cone-like tip at the front of your breast.

Do not not use any bra- molded or with a stitched cup- that has an unnatural, round, flat-tipped, half-grapefruit shape, although bras with a natural conical shape are getting harder to find. JUst because it has "retro styling " does NOT mean it is classic or retro shaped!

Large busted? Please do not use a minimizer; again, this has a "mashing" effect rather than a classic, breast-like shape. Our patterns don't fit minimizers.

Not good:

50's Vintage Wedding Dresses 50's Vintage Wedding Dresses 50's Vintage Wedding Dresses



SOME stitched, seamed-cup bras are preferable. Otherwise please note the cup shape below (not the stitching- stitching can have a flat tip too!) and go for a shape like this, even if molded:

Choose your wedding bra for shape and staying-in-place-security first and pretty-when-your-dress-is-off second, not the other way around!!!

Here is a miracle bra for vintage shape! Also for the large busted; never been able to go strapless? Check this out:

No, the long line doesn't take the place of a waist corset or cincher, but it sure supports the bust nicely without straps!

This bra is a MIRACLE WORKER and gets that bust out front and center. It's really transformative! And SO BOMBSHELL!

You can order as many items as you want from them and return the ones that you don't like! I always suggest getting two of the same style and returning the one you like least. When you return the items you don't want they make your refund very quickly and hassle-free.

For those who want a bra with a bit of shape and padding (the Goddess has NO padding), if you can possibly lay your hands on one of these, you have got to have it:

Rago is a great company for the vintage look and has a lightly padded bra with a great shape for those of us who need padding:

(Sometimes Rago's need cookies or a bit of extra padding to fill them out if you are small busted.)

Do not buy a bra before asking us about the style you are considering first. Many appear to be suitable because they have stitched cups but they aren't. Save us time time and fitting expense by asking first.


Waist Nippers And Waist Corsets

Back to the trivia: We all know that Americans are plumper than they were several generations ago. But did you know that we are also taller, have bigger feet and woman have larger waists in proportion to their other measurements, as an issue completely unrelated to how much we weigh today compared to generations past?

In other words, a woman in the 1940's might have worn a size 5 shoe, had a 35 inch bust, a 23 inch waist, had 35 inch hips and been 5 feet 2 inches. A woman today with a 35 inch bust and hips will probably be 5' 4 inches, have a 26 inch waist and wear a size 7.5 shoe! Her "rear" is the same size; she isn't any "fatter" than the 40's gal with the 35 inch derriere. Our BONES have changed! So even if you're slim, your vintage counterparts had an advantage over you in making the New Look's waist-focused styles work.

Anybody who wants to do so can benefit from a "waist nipper" for a "New Look" (mid century) style when worn as a wedding dress. (Some of our vintage-loving Whirlingturban customers who buy our dresses for purposes other than weddings use them, too, but most do not.) But if you have a waist measurement 27" or over, especially if you are wearing white (which is a "fattening" color) and 'absolutely especially' if you are wearing satin (also "fattening"), you just positively have to get yourself a waist nipper to wear with your Whirlingturban wedding dress!

There are many styles of these garments made now, and with all the great stretch fibers available today, they really are quite flexible, cool and comfortable. You don't have to wear a corset or something with metal strips in it. A GOOD elastic nipper is not only going to whittle down your waist gorgeously but it's going to give you a subtle elegant "sculpted" look and help the fabric of your dress move and glide over your body. You will just LOVE the way it looks! It will be a nice addition to your wardrobe for when you want to dress-up and wow them. All today's starlets have them; it isn't a "fat girl" thing. And they are not expensive.

The main thing you want is to get one that actually does some work on your waist. For this reason, I am very much an advocate of using a separate waist nipper rather than only a long line bra, an all-in-one body suit or something like spanx. If you get a separate garment for your waist, you will be sure to get the bra fitting right and the waist nipper working optimally and fitting correctly. The waist nipper can settle into the smallest part of your waist without dragging the bra down with it or shoving the bra up more than you want, etc.

It's difficult enough to get the perfect bra. To ask that the perfect bra for your dress also happens to be the perfect waist nipper is a bit much to expect. The bra is extending down to the waist down doesn't ensure that it is tight enough down there at the waist to really be working and pulling you in; long-line bras must of necessity be rather "one size fits all".

By the same token, just because you are wearing a stretchy undergarment of some kind in your waist region doesn't mean it is doing much. This goes for all-in-one body shapers as well. An all-in-one body shaper or spanx may be firming you but is it nipping the waist? Maybe yes maybe no; probably not. Have a look again at the illustration of the 50's contraption above. See how there are special sections and panels designed do accomplish something there in between the bottom of the rib cage and above the hip bones? It isn't just a pair of lycra bicycle shorts. That one was built to do something at THAT spot and the waist. Yours must be, too, although there are many ways to accomplish that. The mere presence of stretch fabric isn't enough, however.

For the waist-focused New Look, we want to specifically move the soft flesh at the waist into a slightly different position. Before you get alarmed at the idea, this isn't anything different than what we do with a bra. Just as we want a structured bra that shapes the breast flesh rather than a stretchy sports bra that isn't doing any shaping, we want to do the same with the waist. We aren't suggesting you move organs about or induce swooning. But the look will be adorable (just look at Audrey above) if you bring that soft, pliable waist flesh in a little bit extra. So you can't wear sneakers or a shapeless stretch bra on your wedding day- you can live with that- and you might need a little waist nipper. You can live with that, too. You'll feel SO glamorous!

I am very willing to be proven wrong, but I have yet to see something that stretches over your hips that will sufficiently to contract again far enough to then SERIOUSLY pull in your waist. Therefore, I think waist nipping garments should have closures like hooks and eyes or zippers.

Go to a WELL-STOCKED lingerie department (if you can find one, otherwise it's online shopping!) and take a tape measure with you. Try waist-nipping garments. They can be mid-section only items or girdle type items or whatever. Have a look at what each one does for you.

- What does it do for your waist profile as viewed straight-on from the front?

-What does it do for your tummy, if that is an issue, when viewed from the side?

-what does it do for your midriff, if that is a concern?

-How smooth is it when closed? This is especially important if you are going to be wearing a silk satin sheath dress!

-Also for a sheath dress- what's it doing, if anything, for your hips and is that something you also need to consider?

-Compare the ones you like using the tape measure- how much does it take off your waist? It should take at least an inch off your waist measurement! (The smaller you are, the less it will change your measurements.)

POP QUIZ: And why should you wear one for just an inch? A: Remember that even tiny Audrey wore one- it gives you a little bit more contrast at the waist, a little stronger "look". This is one of the subtle "X Factors" that makes the New Look distinctive. And it will also give your waist a "firm, sculpted look" besides being "nipped in" just a little bit extra.

-Boning isn't an absolute must in a waist-nipping garment but is probably a good thing. Check that your nipper isn't going to roll or flip as you move or sit, but don't expect to be able to slouch in it. Check that the boning, if there is any, isn't cheesy quality and feels like it isn't easily bent permanently out of shape. If you can bend it easily with your hands and it doesn't snap back into shape, it's very poor quality and it probably won't do a very good job for even one occasion. Be sure that the garment you choose isn't more of a costume for boudoir fun than it is something that is going to do the job.

Different stores can have a very different selection of garments in their lingerie departments! Don't stop at just one if you haven't found the right waist-nipper!

If you would like to order online, here are my recommended resources:


You can order as many as you want from them and return the ones that you don't like!

This is really important: order TWO sizes of the same style! Order the one you think you will wear then order the next smaller one.
Many times, people end up going with a different size from the one that the size chart said was going to fit them!!!!

Here is the waist nipper I most often recommend for gals who want serious comfy nipping without going to a waist corset:

This might be a good choice for a sarong dress:

"The Glamour Cincher"

DO NOT ORDER What Katie Did's item named "Merry Widow", a bra and nipper combination garment, to wear under your Whirlingturban wedding dress. We can't work with them. This is a fun garment for the boudoir and not a serious foundation..

What Katie Did also carries the Rago cincher I have recommended below. Both, and will let you order, try on and return!!!!!!

If you find an undergarment online and want to get our opinion about it, please send us the link and we'd be happy to tell you what we think! If you find something you really like, please tell us so we can share it with others!

THE MISTAKE COMMONLY MADE WITH RAGO's IS THAT GALS BUY THE CINCHER OR TOO BIG!!!!!! Buy two- one smaller than you think you need. You will probably end up keeping the one you thought would be too small.

What about (boned, lace-up) waist corsets?!

(We are not talking about Renaissance/Vampire Victorian bust-flattener contraptions but waist corsets only which are much more comfortable and so flattering)

The right waist corset can work *absolute magic*. THEY ARE TRANSFORMATIVE! YOU WILL LOVE HAVING ONE!!!!

*These can do more than a year at the gym, losing 20 pounds or having plastic surgery.*

I have customers who are crazy about waist-cinching corsets and who wear their Whirlingturban dresses with them. These are NOT the same as the stretchy waist cinchers described above which contain elastic; they are more serious garments and do not contain elastic. The accepted wisdom from the corset wearers is that they can be a great boon to your look and your wardrobe, but 1) they take getting used to- don't wear it for the first time on your wedding day, and 2) it can take sometimes take some doing to get the right one for you.

Please note that I only recommend waist corsets for my customers and not overbust corsets. Overbust corsets were not in style-mid century and they push the bust into a variety shapes, depending on the style of the time period from whence they have been inspired and reproduced. I have never yet seen an overbust corset with a mid-century-shaped bust contour, and that is the contour we make at Whirlingturban, so stay away from overbust corsets for our purposes.


BUY YOUR WAIST CORSET TWO SIZES SMALLER THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED! You can always tighten the ties if it's a bit small- you can never tighten it if it's too big. The waist flesh moves around MUCH more easily than you would expect it to.

One favorite resource for waist corsets i the UK is:


Bethan at Desert Orchid works with our customers regularly and knows what we need for our dresses. She makes fantastic corsets, she is really nice and very skilled.

Here's another favorite resource for waist corsets because they tend to fit well while not custom- fit, and are VERY reasonably priced for the quality: Timeless Corsets found at:

These are really a bargain and this company seems to have excellent patterns that tend to fit most gals without having to go custom. These have worked miracles for the figures of many of our customers! They can take ten pounds off the exact spot you'd like it to come off and turn you into Jessica Rabbit.

When you order one to wear under your dress, be sure it is made from satin only and not brocade or anything bulky. For wearing under a dress, you want the most thin and slippery fabric possible, so satin is what you want.

Customers who are interested in wearing this type of corset should “practice” wearing it before their wedding day, so they can get used to the feel of it, and getting used to it may allow them to cinch it down a bit more yet still allow them to not feel uncomfortable. The feel of this corset is much different than a typical girdle or (elastic) waist cincher.

Here are links to a couple of good informational sites about corsets and corset wearing:

Here is some info from "What Katie Did":

For my money, the gals at What Katie Did are experienced, on the same wave length as Whirling Turban and not so far off in some fetish or "re-enactment" world that they do not know where the vintage clothing fans are coming from, so I would trust their advice. If you are debating about one of their styles to wear under your Whirling Turban dress, please check with us because some of their styles definitely work and others don't! They've recently introduced some great new shapes, too.



If you are wearing a circle skirt for a wedding dress and want "poufy", you also need to shop for a crinoline to wear under the skirt. We have a model we recommend most heartily: MALCO MODES PETTICOAT STYLE 591. You can order this crinoline online from: They are nice folks and they have the best prices we've seen. ADORABLE, gorgeous and only about $35!

The manufacturer, "Malco Modes", makes other petticoat styles that are less suitable and are specialty items for square dancing- you do not want those- be sure to get Malco Modes style 591.

There are two U.S. ebay sellers who sell this style also. No matter who you buy from, be sure you get a very clear delivery time from the dealer because especially the ebay sellers have been known to be VERY SLOW in delivering these petticoats! Some of them do not stock the petticoats themselves and get a distributor to send it to you. Some sellers have taken a month to get the crinoline to you!

If you must choose between one that is the right length and one that is the right waist size, buy the one that has the length. It is easier to change the waist size with a quick alteration than it is to change the length.

Alternatively, for customers who want a Malco Modes 591 but want it customized in length, or want it with an adjustable waist or want it in a color not offered by Malco Modes, Resashay can actually order it from the same factory! These take longer (up to 13 weeks, can have an adjustable waist added and can be rushed if needed. Email the very friendly and helpful Eva at: Tell her what you want and ask for a quote. But stick with the 591 and customize that one because Resashay primarily makes square dancing petticoats and you won't want that look.

Customers sometimes need to buy two crinolines to get enough fullness. If you have lots of time before your wedding, you can have some fun shopping for vintage crinolines which can be found in many fabrics, shapes and colors. You can get lots of skirt shape variation with your crinolines, depending on the placement, style and fullness of the ruffles.

WANT THE LOOK OF A COLORED PETTICOAT PEEPING OUT? The Malco Modes from are made from nylon and detailed the same as vintage. In fact they are made with the same equipment and construction techniques as they have been for 60 years. Only the bottom will show, so if you want color or the look of a novel fabric, you can always add a ruffle to the bottom. It isn't that hard to add a ruffle and doesn't take an expert seamstress. Contact us if you'd like us to do that for you. If you have a pale or white wedding dress skirt and want a "colored petticoat", just add your color at the bottom so that your skirt of your dress doesn't take on a different hue from the bodice.

Want a different color crinoline than they offer at Resashay? Just email us and we will send you the incredibly easy instructions for how to dye your crinoline in your a washing machine! (Don't worry! All the color is washed out of the machine when you are finished- it won't wreck your washing machine)

To support your skirt but not to show your crinoline, you will want your crinoline to be about 2 inches shorter than your skirt unless you want it to show a little which can be very cute. In that case, get it the same length as your dress or max 1 inch longer and it will "peep" out. Get it longer if you want a LOT to show at the bottom of your dress.