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Corselette Top by Whirling Turban

Our Versatile Custom and Non-Custom Corselettes
are described on our Separates page.



Sun Top

Sun Bra Top

Examples of our versatile and Sun Tops, inspired directly from 40's Beach to Afternoon Lounge Wear- a new genre at that time. Cut is more modest than an actual bra, in keeping with 40's aesthetics.

FULLY BONED! With 3 layers of fabric in the cups and super strong elastic in the back- adjustable straps.

Vintage cup shape. Made impeccably.

Perfect with pencil skirts novelty skirts, shorts and of course, capris!

MANY colors available!

All elastic back



Capris & Sun Tops

Sun Top by Whirling Turban

Whirling Turban Capri Pants Sizes
(with waist band and loops for belts if requested):

(Sizes limited now; we're workin' on it)

Waist: 26 Hips: 26 (non stretch fabric/brocade/etc)

Waist 24/25 Hips 34/35 (stretch fabrics)

Waist 26/27 Hips 36/37 (stretch fabrics)

Waist: 26.5/27.5 Hips: 37-39 (stretch fabrics)

Waist 27/28 Hips 37/38 (stretch fabrics)

Waist: 29/30 Hips: 40-41 (stretch fabrics)


Sun Bra Top

Sun Tops:

Specify your bra size from these choices:

32 B
32 B/C
34 B
34 B/C
36 B
36 B/C
36 C

Any of the above sizes in most fabrics, $49 plus shipping

$49 plus shipping (we suggest you include these when ordering another item- it often will not cause the shipping cost to go up to the next 1/2 kilogram!)

Fabric Swatches

Know what fabric you want and what size you need?

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