Whirlingturban Bridesmaid Dresses  

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What if I don't know how many bridesmaids I will be having yet?

It's a perfect time to request swatches. The only thing with which you need to concern yourself now is choosing your fabric and reserving enough of the fabric in time to ensure that the fabric you need will be available when you know how many dresses you will require. Lack of fabric availability ones decision has been made can be a great disappointment.

The last day you can pay in full for your bridesmaid dresses is 8 weeks before the wedding, except under unusual circumstances (you don't need very many dresses, we have time to squeeze in a rush project). But remember, before that 8 weeks you bridesmaids must determine their sizes. So, the more lead time the better.

Contact our rep, Ashley, at wt.ashleyw@gmail.com 1 (208) 820 1214 and she'll help you put it all together.