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A few times per year, we send out a hello, a pic of our latest, favoritest creation, secret sales, a contest or a newsletter with little- known vintage beauty tips, etc. We'd love to include you in our mailing list!


We positively LOATHE spammers and excessive emailers. You have our promise that your name and email address will never be shared, we will not send promotions for "affiliates" or any other equally infuriating betrayal of your trust in giving us your email address.

Please send us an email to:

In the subject line please write: Mailing List

In the email, please send:

1. Your first and last legal name such as "Betty Jones" (not your stage name etc.)

2. How you found us or heard about us. Please use the search phrase you used in google etc. or tell us the name of the website or blog.

Thank you!

The Whirling Turban Girls